Me, Myself and Evelyn

Amy. 21 years old. Mum to Evelyn, age 2. We Live in Manchester, UK

I hope you enjoy my blog and share some laughs with me in this journey that involves living life and raising Evelyn :)

Ive not been on here in a while so heres an update of how me, peter and evelyn are doing.. :)

Evelyn -can almost have a full conversation with me now, she tends to talk to her toy rabbit or her dollies more than anything though. Shes really funny with that, she looks after them and repeats things she’s heard being said at home or nursery, but i love to listen to her constant nattering because ive learned so much about her that way :)
I can ask her questions and she almost always understands how to answer them.
Also, potty training is going great! Most days she will have no accidents but there could be some days she will have 5. Also, she did her first poo on the potty (without anyone prompting her) all by herself yesterday! :)

Me- i had my interview at Manchester Met University and i felt completely out of place. It was so weird, i just felt like it wasnt where i was supposed to be, and the interviewer was really rude and dismissive. Safe to say i didnt get in, although after that kind of first impression, im really glad! Although i had another interview at the university opposite my college and i got a conditional offer the next day :) the lady was lovely and although i still felt a bit out of place, my first impression was good so thats alright i guess.
It could be because im questioning myself a lot lately. Im not sure if i want to be an illustrator, animator and author or a dietician and fitness coach.
I know im not in the best shape ever but i think thats what gets me so motivated with these subjects haha
I guess i will find out eventually what i want to do…
Also after having my contraceptive nexplanon implant removed on Jan 23rd i finally got my TOTM on March 9th and finished yesterday so thats a big deal for me after not having one since october 2010… Having the implant removed really screwed with my hormones, making me grumpy for a whole 3 days. After that my mood shot up and i was so happy and *ahem* my libido returned full swing too. So my love life with Peter is going well too ^^
However we are beginning to really struggle financially. We’re both students so we rely on money from jsa to get by, however one of peters appointments were cancelled and the consultant never put it on the system, so it was autimatically signed as a no show and our money got stopped. We’re currently waiting for a decision maker to approve back pay and for peters sign on this friday so we should get paid on the 26th but It seems ages away. We havent been paid once this month and if it wasnt for my mum, my dad and my nan, we would of sunk by now.
Im going to add that im also extremely broody at the moment, if i wasnt in college and we weren’t struggling financially, we would be trying for another baby, but we have agreed to wait until we can provide first and then start trying. It upsets me knowing that Evelyn will be an only child for a while but hopefully she wont be forever!
Peter is the worst though. If it was up to him alone, we would already have about 6 kids right now hahahaha *worried face*
We are going to start saving soon, we dont have anything specific in mind yet but its along the lines of either a holiday or a baby. Not sure!

Anyways, Im probably going to spend the best part of tonight browsing all my favorite blogs on here and liking all your posts! Haha! so if you get a like or twenty and think im stalking your blog…. I probably am >.>

Learn to say ‘no’ without explaining yourself.


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I really need to do this. its hard to tell yourself that you dont need to justify every tiny thing that you do.

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what its like to be british!

if you’re British, you’ve probably done all of these-

1) Forgetting to thank the bus driver and feeling like a terrible example of a human being.

2) Saying “honestly, it’s fine” to warn of your imminent meltdown.

3) “Excuse me, there’s a queue” only sounds ruder the politer you say it.

4) Knowing one person who only seems capable of making half-full cups of tea.

5) Missing today’s three seconds of daylight when you nipped to the loo.

6) Saying ‘Birmingham’ in general conversation and everyone saying it again in a dodgy Brummy accent

7) Over exaggerating everything, “I’m freezing” “I’m starving” “I’m dying”

8) I always thought air was free, then I bought a bag of Walkers crisps.

9) Walking into a small shop and having to take your hands out your pockets as you slowly walk out, just to avoid anyone suspecting you’ve stolen something.

10) The North/South divide is a real rivalry. The Midlands don’t exist. Pick a side

11) Being unable to turn and walk in the opposite direction without first taking out your phone and frowning at it

12) Repeatedly pressing the door button on the train before it’s illuminated, to assure your fellow commuters you have the situation in hand.

13) Feeling irked when someone joins you waiting by a Pelican crossing, and presses the button. Do they really think you haven’t pressed it?

MMU HAS SEEN MY PORTFOLIO AND SENT ME AN INVITATION FOR INTERVIEW!!!!! I genuinely believed they were going to take one look and decline me straight away… :)

Indian women’s rights commissioner suggests gang-rape victim to blame for her rape.

have a look at my blog, its being submitted to my chosen universities and contains a lot of artwork and a couple of animations that I’ve made too :)
have a great night!