Me, Myself and Evelyn

Amy. 21 years old. Mum to Evelyn, age 3.
Currently TTC
We Live in Manchester, UK

Photographer, Illustrator, Animator and Writer. Feel free to visit my art blog:

I hope you enjoy my blog and share some laughs with me in this journey that involves raising Evelyn :)

I have some minor surgery tomorrow and if it goes wrong I might not be able to smile again lol

I wanna be pregnant but at the same time I wanna have a flat stomach and be fit and active. All of these things seem unachievable right now :C and you can’t have both at once haha……


If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my feminist ideologies.

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After recurrent illness with eve we have had to switch her over to a lactose free diet. It’s only been a couple days and already we are seeing the benefits! I really hope this new diet will work for her long term, it’s such a shame to see her poorly…

A plead to Russell Brand by Elaina Daley.

I have known this girl for 6 years. The last 2 years have been hell for her and after overcoming every obstacle that has stood in her way she has come out stronger than ever. She has one last obstacle to overcome and needs our help to share this video in hopes that her idol will see it and might be able to help her. Someone out there will watch this who is capable of making this dream happen!
I have all fingers crossed for this girl. I truly believe she can make a difference and beat all odds stacked against her! Thanks to all those who took the time to read this or watch the video and a big super thanks to everyone who reblogs or shares this video on Facebook or Twitter, there’s hundreds of us who have shared it already and after just TWO days we managed to get her in the papers!! We can do this!!

Can’t help feeling angry and protective over Evie after her telling me who has been slapping her. I don’t care about the child but the parent certainly has something to answer for. Why slap a child? Even on the hand? Evie may be energetic and bouncy but she’s certainly not naughty and we haven’t had to slap her about to achieve that either. Some people really need to question their parenting and how it is affecting the people around them. I will not stand for another child slapping mine on the wrist or the hand every time they have a petty disagreement. Why should my child have to deal with this on a regular basis just because you decide to use this method of punishment. Have fun trying to teach your child that hitting is wrong, whilst also hitting them for their wrong behaviour.